ࡱ>  >SbjbjT~T~ 2X66(%8d}T"   $ͦo4E4  yQQQ  QQQ&l ܛ F}Ixd0ܔ%q%ܛܛ%X"Q244L% : How to promote the independence of people with disabilities OۏkuNXzR Eria Ping-ying Li, PhD (Ng ZSX) Education for all consultant Handicap International June 25, 2010 Inclusive education Inclusive education is a process which focuses on quality, participation and achievement. Aim: to facilitate people with disabilities to be self-reliant, to gain respect from their communities and to have social inclusion. To date, children with disabilities in China only have three options to education: special school, special class and suiban jiudu in mainstream school. The development of inclusive education has just begun in China.  EMBED PowerPoint.Slide.8 What are school readiness skills? Special and mainstream schools in Guangxi require all children including those with disabilities to have the following 8 skill domains for school admission: Have a good toileting habit including the ability to express needs and keeping the clothes dry and clean. Have the stamina and mobility to participate in school activities. Have the basic self-care skills such as eating, dressing, wearing shoes and socks, brushing teeth, washing the face, combing the hair, bathing, cutting the fingernails and toes nails and making the bed; having the awareness and ability for self-protection and personal safety. Can use the basic stationary. Have basic communication skills. Have basic social skills. Can adjust to the school timetable with a reasonable pace for learning and school work. Have good attitude such as motivated to learn and cooperation with others. Suggestions for training Toileting By the age of 3-4, most children can stay dry and clean for the whole night; Be able to show not feeling comfortable when wetting the clothes and the bed, be able to sit for 5 minutes and follow instructions as well as the ability to express the needs of going to toilet; Record the amount of water intake and the toileting habits for baseline; By the age of 10, most children are toilet trained. Stamina and mobility Provide endurance training on walking and/or wheelchair mobility, be able to move around for about 20 minutes by self; Provide training on walking up and down the stairs using handrails; Provide appropriate physical exercise to maintain the joint function; Provide appropriate PE lessons in school for children with disabilities so that they can have the opportunities to stretch out the whole body. Basic self-care skills Be able to bring textbooks and stationery, packing and carrying own schoolbag, identifying personal items, etc; Enhance self-care skills, including eating, dressing, wearing shoes and socks, brushing teeth, washing the face, combing the hair, bathing, cutting fingernails and toes nails, making the bed, etc; Help the child understand his/her own abilities, ask others for assistance if he or she could not complete the tasks by self; Ask teachers and parents for help if he or she is bullied by others. Using the basic stationery Train the child to use pens, ruler, scissors, etc. Hand function is based on muscle strength and dexterity especially the hand muscles and the upper arm control; Provide hand-eye coordination activities, for example, throwing and catching balls, stringing beads, drawing lines, doing craftwork, etc. Communication skills Ability to use verbal means to express needs and ideas, if not, he or she can communicate with others using sign language and/or communication book, the child at least can indicate yes and no to other peoples questions. Basic social skills Invite teachers and students to have regular social activities with children with disabilities; Arrange other students to facilitate children with disabilities to have their own social network in school. Psychological aspect Help the child to explore his or her strength and area for improvement; Help the child to understand his or her emotion and have self-control, for example, accepting others feedback, sharing of positive experience, etc. Work pace Facilitate the child to have a daily routines; Ask the child to complete daily tasks with reasonable pace; Ask the child to have checklist for tasks to be completed in an organized manner. Conclusion: With our joint effort, the access of children with disabilities to quality education will be enhanced. The vision is all children including those with disabilities will have equal opportunities to education. Professionals: Asset building for future development! Reference (in Chinese): Choi, S. W. (2006). How to prepare students with disabilities for schooling 0YUOQYSOkuvi[P[ Nf[ 0 Hong Kong: Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation & the World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Rehabilitation. Life skills Life skills enable people to have community living, self-confidence and autonomy. Family life Cooking rice, cooking dishes, dish washing Shopping Basic domestic repair and maintenance Ability to use the domestic appliance Doing laundry Arranging clothes for different seasons Personal life Self-care skills Grooming and appearance Self-protection skills Managing medication Managing health Managing financial matters Community living Use of public transportation Use of telephone Basic literacy including use of basic English Basic computer literacy Use of community facilities such as park, supermarket, shop, restaurant, bank, post office and hospital Social life Interaction with peers such as friend and classmates Interaction with elders Interaction with colleagues such as sub-ordinate, colleague and supervisor Interaction with strangers Interaction with government officers Observation: One whole day activities One whole week activities One whole month and one whole year (the four seasons) activities Aim: to understand a persons habits and ability baseline in life skills performance. Suggestions: collaboration between schools and families to facilitate the development of life skills in daily life. Pre-vocational skills 1. Definition of vocational rehabilitation Vocational rehabilitation is a process which focuses on assessment, counseling, training, job placement and referral. The aim is to facilitate people to explore their work potential for employment and/or vocational training. Aims Vocational rehabilitation enables people to have self-sufficiency, access to community life and gain respect from their communities. Having a job also help people to have social status, improve self-image and attain a sense of satisfaction. Social implication Enhance social improvement and economy Enhance social harmony Eromote self-worth of people with disabilities The vocational rehabilitation process Counseling Help people to understand their concerns related to employment and/or vocational training Evaluation Assess a persons work potential for employment and/or vocational training Vocational training * Pre-vocational training: prevocational skills such as basic work habit and work behavior and work related social skills and emotional control; * Vocational training * Employee re-training 5. Job placement * Sheltered workshop * Supported employment * Open employment * Social enterprise Other services * Disability education * Marketing service * Assistive devices and resource center Conclusion: The outcome of vocational rehabilitation is that people with disabilities have equal opportunities to employment and work benefits. Suggestion: Collaboration between schools and families to facilitate the development of pre-vocational skills of older children with disabilities. 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